vendredi 13 novembre 2020

# 221




GUITAR GANGSTERS lord of the dance
BEASTS it's all lies
DUBROVNIKS gun metal steel
TINA & THE TOTAL BABES why do I like you
INFECTIONS kill for you
RADIO REELERS drink with me

MINGS run aground
MARTIN SAVAGE & THE JIGGERZ between the lines
MOURNING AFTER doin' me in
CHA CHA CHAS manipulator
CAVEMEN euthanise me
LEFTARDS just like the CCP
SCANERS please abduct me
MÄSH whisper in your ear
CHARM BAG black september
MUD CITY MUNGLERS the way it's gonna be
SPITES stayin' out
RUINERS baby's a freak
TURPENTINES gimme the shakes
YUM YUMS baby baby
PSYCHO DELMATICS indy cars a-go!



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