mardi 23 novembre 2021

# 253


FIFI & THE MACH 3 what fun to be good ole rock'n'roll

DIRTY BURGER video violence

FORTY FIVES who do you think you are


DEAD CITY REBELS kings of the street

JERRY SPIDER GANG situation two


LOS CHICOS we sound amazing but we look like shit

KRYNG talk too loud

STUPIDITY waking up the band

KLOBBER only in it for the beer

BART & THE BRATS livin' in the future

SMOGGERS Mr Jekill & Hyde

CREEPY CRAWLIES every day is

SOUND STATION down to the city

VIOLET MINDFIELD hard times,easy love

PANDORAS it felt alright

MOURNING AFTER just walk away

MAKERS temper tantrum

FORTUNATE SONS this ain't nowhere

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