lundi 16 avril 2018

# 132

SHIT it won't be long
BLACK MAMBAS be bad too
THINGZ sinner
WYLDE OSCARS bended knees
OOGA BOOGAS rich'n'me

CHEAP TISSUE on the corner
CIVIC call the doctor
DRAGS explosives
SLATERS nothing makes sense
COSMIC PSYCHOS feeling average
LORDS HIGH FIXERS it's your curse

GROOVIE GHOULIES running with bigfoot
NOMADS pack of lies
ARCHIE & THE BUNKERS the traveler
ARCHIE & THE BUNKERS she's a rockin' machine
MAN OR ASTRO MAN? escape velocity
SPLASH 4 know it all doll
DUSTBURDS private catwalk

CUTE LEPERS fall in love
WILD WINGS 11th most wanted man
MONO MEN hate your way
MAGGOTS let's go in 69
COYOTE MEN all action man

SCRUBS goalkeeper
SPLIFFS can't live with myself

LA CHICA YE YE blow out the sun
IMPALA cozy corner
DUSTBURDS Maigret theme


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