lundi 20 juin 2016

# 82

HUNNS hymn of atilla
SPITTS bobby B.I who
JUKEBOX ZEROS I was a teenge sic kid
HARA KEE REES love's labour's lost
SURF SLUTS monsters in my garage
MOURNING AFTER baby done me wrong
Andre WILLIAMS detroit
Jack OBLIVIAN lover please!
STENTS meet mike hate
FLAMING SIDEBURNS the interpreter
SCREECHING WEASEL outside of you
VISTA BLUE striking out with you
Joey RAMONE I couldn't sleep
BACKSEAT ANGELS crazy like a fox
JJ & The REAL JERKS finer things
BRIEFS 22nd century man
SHARP OBJECTS left without a heart
JIM JIMS caller ID
SATOR brown eyed son
COATHANGERS make it right
REVERBERATIONS mess up your mind
LAS PIPAS DE LA PAZ you're gonna miss me
WYLDE TRYFLES I don't care
LAST KILLERS all your words are lies
LITTLE SEIZURES can't seem to make you mind
PALE LIPS wanna be bad
SAVIORS ruby gloom

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